We know that we now need to be carefull about the planet. There is many ways to help the planet get better (or to degradate at least). 
There is some ways that I will talk about in some other articles but today, I'm going to talk about the zero-waste idea.
The ''zero-zaste'' consist in buying and consome without packaging. I know it is impossible having no zaste at all but we will try to get rid of most packagings without effort (mostly because I'm lazy) 

Why moving to the zero-waste : 
1- For your health
2- For the health of the planet and the people that will come after us
First, you need to know that the kitchen and the bathroom are the places into your house where you have most of your pakagings. Know that you saw that we all have a lot of packagings :

LET 'S GO !!!

 * Second, do the selective sort and do a compost if you can !
You can get informations when you start : I recommend the Bea Johnson book ''Zero waste home ultimate simplifying'' : right here

Then, you need to go to those rooms and the others and see what are the things that use a lot of packagings.

 * The cleaning products : It is so bad for your health and for the planet ! I also will do a deep article about that. But I do almost all my cleaning routine with backing soda, lemon and a vinagar/water/tea tree he mixt for almost everything ! You have no trash or weard things !

 * Some shops are proposing self-service with bags that you bring back every-time and low-prices. The little + : You take what you want so you can adapt the quantities to what you need ! 
You also can get your veggies, fruits, meat, cheese and a lot at the small merchant or on markets. 

The best is to bring your own contenant or tissus bags.

 * You have to do your cosmetics ! A lot are simple and better for you.

With all this, you have a good start to be a zero-waster !
Xoxo, Helene

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